Prinoth Leitwolf 'MK3' (2018)


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The MK3 version is 'work-in-progress' that I started in the Winter of 2018. As the Prinoth Leitwolf NT model is already 10 years old it should be possible to improve the model based on all new parts being released by The LEGO® Company since then.

Improvements so far are: Redesigns of the winch, the front / side / above looks of the groomer, the rear tiller and the front blade. Especially the front blade is now able to tilt forwards or backwards, and when raised the tilting level is not affected (as in the Prinoth Leitwolf NT version is). The use of the mini-Linear Actuators do become very handy in this MK3 version (6x in the front blade, 1x in the rear tiller).

The photo-shoot is done in Zell am See (slope 5), Austria.