Drawbar trailer, 4-axle (2010)


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Drawbar trailers are mainly used in combination with a truck or tractor to transport vehicles. I developed this 4-axle drawbar trailer after finalizing the 5-axle dump truck. The model is based on the original Nooteboom ASDV-40-22 trailer. Both ramps fold/unfold manually by operating a 'handle' at the front-side of the loader. This handle drives a linear actuator which is integrated in the rear-side of the chassis. Each ramp consist of an automatic unfolding mechanism for the 2 sections, which provides a reduced ramp angle. 

The floor is made of studded plates, which gives the ability to secure the load with buffers anywhere on the floor. Additional buffers can be stored in a dedicated stock area on the front-side of the trailer.











Remark: the chassis of the original LEGO Technic excavator (set 8294) is modified (4 studs smaller), otherwise the excavator did not fit on the trailer. My personal opinion is that the excavator looks even more realistic with a smaller chassis as well. Reason for the the wider chassis of the original model is to provide space for the battery box.


The dimensions of the 'Drawbar trailer'  model are:
* Length: 65 cm
* Width: 14,5 cm (18 studs)
* Floor load length: 46 cm (52 studs)
* Ramp angle: 15 degrees
* Weight: 1,1 kg

* Number of parts: 1.014

* Development time: ~25 hours
* MLcad time: ~20 hours

















Connecting the 'Drawbar trailer' on Technic Tractor #8284
No modifications for the tractor needed, just mount a towbar.












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